Contemporary artist Julie Jones Boulée creates serene abstract paintings that evoke stillness and contemplation.

A student of meditation and tai chi, Julie considers mindfulness practice an essential component of her studio work. She uses breathing techniques and repetitive, fluid movements when painting, and the process of painting becomes a meditative discipline. Viewers sense this in her paintings which are often referred to as “calm,” “restful,” and “mysterious.”

A teacher of Color Theory, Julie focuses on both the subtleties and infinity possibilities of color pairings, as well as the way light can be used to evoke a visceral sensation of pulsing or movement – like breath. Julie’s paintings provide beautiful opportunities to pause and reflect, creating a feeling of stillness in the midst of our racing world.

In addition to painting in her studio, Julie is the 2009-2010 resident artist at the Atlanta Girls School where she has a studio and teaches one advanced class. She also currently teaches drawing, painting and related topics at the college level, and in continuing education programs for adults. Julie resides in Atlanta, where, when not painting, she can be found taking long daily walks, working in her small but thriving garden, and spending time with her husband and their English Mastiff, Bella.